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  1. Haley Russell says:

    I see on craigslist you have advertised:

    AND THIS YEAR WE HAVE Uncultured Natural Nobles (up to 12′) SPECIAL for $15!

    Is this U-Cut? or price for you to cut? are they bailed?

  2. Jan Sykes says:

    Are you having you pick strawberries?

  3. Norma Howard says:

    I bought the veggie chips at the Market in Seattle. I can buy them through the internet?????? I live in the LA area. Trader Joe used to carry them but no longer. I like them so much. Norma

  4. Alma says:

    Hello, I really love your version of fig newtons. How can I purchase some to be shipped? I was so sad when I moved from WA to NM. I used to purchase these at Yakima Market in Bothell.

  5. Wallie Chapman says:

    Hi Janzen Farms! I’ve been looking all over for your veggie chips but have only found them at Harvest Fresh in Mac. Do you have another retail outlet or sell directly from your home or farm?
    Thanks, Wallie Chapman 🙂

  6. Joan Pelletier says:

    I’d like to know we can have help cutting and loading our tree. My husband injured his back and I love to have a fresh cut tree. Thank you.

  7. Pat VanTrojen says:

    Is it possible to mail order the Fried Green Peas? I have been looking for them for years.

  8. Sheryl Morriso says:

    My dad Rev Walter Sloan used to buy your fruits and nuts every year to sell at the Mennonite home. Of course we always were given some every year as well. My son and I just tried your vegetable chips in Seattle. Can we still drive to Dayton and get the dried fruit and nuts. Would love to get some of the dried vegetables.

  9. Sherry Glaeser says:

    Hi, I sent an e-mail a few months ago but not to this web site. Hope you are the correct one now. I wrote that we love the veggie chips and the wasabi peas, etc. and that we purchase them from Four Seasons in Albany. My husband shopped there just the other day and told me he doesn’t have any veggie chips at this time, OH NO! Is this a seasonal item or can I purchase them from you folks on-line? Thanks for your goodies and any info you can give me, Sherry Glaeser

  10. Judy Wade says:

    Can I buy vegetable chips directly from you and if so how much are they? What about calorie count ( how many per service and what size is the serving)?

    • Janzen Farms says:

      Hi! Glad you found us Judy. Our parents, Bob and Betty Janzen do the dried fruit and nuts. Can you please call Betty? She does much better by telephone. 🙂 Her number is 503.868.7353
      Thanks! Sherri Janzen

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