That’s a Wrap

This year’s Christmas tree season is over. Thank you to everyone who came. Thank you for participating and interacting with our family. For helping us train and raise our children as they practice and improve their customer service skills with you. For helping Evelyn count out your change correctly. 😉 For your encouragement as they help cut, shake, and load your tree- even if they are not quite tall enough. For all of your conversations and interactions with them as they learn and grow. For putting up with our real, sometimes messy family as we juggle Christmas programs, concerts, and recitals along with the farm. What a blessing you are to us. So many of you have become or already are dear friends of ours. May you have a Blessed, Merry Christmas.

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Strawberry U-Picking is Here!

Beautiful Oregon sweet Totem strawberries. They are at their prime now and the bushes are loaded. Beat the heat and come pick all you want. $1/lb

Open every day 8am to 5pm. You can weigh before and after in the field. Children are welcome when with parents. Please leave pets at home. Thank you for your cooperation.

Janzen Farms – off Lafayette Hwy between McMinnville and Salem in Hopewell. show contact info
Farm address: 20555 SE Webfoot Rd. Dayton, OR 97114 But PLEASE DO NOT go to the farm house. Just follow the yellow signs to the u-pick field!

strawberry pickers

strawberry field

strawberry crate

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Our Family’s Christmas Tree

photo (8)
I’m glad we sell Christmas trees. We get to interact with people in a real, dirt-filled, sap-smeared, weather vulnerable Christmas family tradition for many people. It is fun to watch and we are blessed to be a part of it. Our family brings our tree into our home, the children each take out their own special ornament box and memory-talk fills the next hour as they chatter away and choose the perfect branch to hang each treasure on. And I love the chaotic, fun, messy, wonderful synergy that is our family. Then we put away the boxes, each person gets a mug of peppermint hot chocolate and we share the plate of cinnamon sugar snickerdoodle cookies and sing Christmas carols with only the light of the tree glittering on the walls and in my childrens’ eyes. As we sit in the semi-darkness, I try not to breathe, fearing that time is moving so fast and slipping through my fingers, and I try to hold onto moments and memories like these. And it’s thinking that maybe other families out there have their own Christmas tree traditions as well, and in this small way we can counter the give-me, get-me, spend-more-money, busy-time push that has somehow become Christmas. Anyway, thank you for letting us be part of your Christmas and Merry Christmas to you!

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Strawberries are Here

It’s almost June and that means strawberries around here. Or May in this case. Every year is different and spring is a little ahead of schedule this year, so we have ripe strawberries. Yum! Oregon State plants a few rows of experimental varieties they are working on right here in our field and this year, Sunrise is the name of this fantastic berry. It is big, beautiful, red, and delicious. All you could ask for in a strawberry, right? We are open for u-picking Mon-Sat from 10am-3pm for $1/lb. We will also pick a flat for you if you give me a day’s notice for $20/flat. Call me at 503.835.3008 and just leave a message if I’m not available. Thanks!IMG_4722

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It’s Snowing!

snowLooks like a Christmas winter wonderland up here. The trees look so beautiful dusted with snow and the ground just looks all clean and white. Love it! I am thankful for the reminder that just like new-fallen snow, our hearts can be washed clean by a loving Savior who forgives and redeems us.

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First Weekend!


We had so much fun this weekend and sold a lot of trees! Thanks to everyone who came out!

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Small Business Saturday!

Well, today is Small Business Saturday, something American Express thought up, but we are celebrating anyway – all the small businesses out there, us included! I feel proud of all the hard-working, creative, industrious people just trying to support their family and do something good. So here’s to all the people running small businesses!
And to my hard-working kids! Love you!! CT Lot

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Getting Ready

We are washing the driveway (I am not really sure why!) and getting the tent set up, signs out of the shop, checking out and cleaning up the Traeger, soaking the turkey in the Rubbermaid container with the salt and brown sugar, getting out special family favorite recipes like pistachio salad, sweet potato soufflé, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and making sure we have enough whipping cream available for all those pies! Yum. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving Day tomorrow! Bless you. Sherri IMG_1143

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First Blog Post

OK, so I FINALLY got this website up by myself without Gabriel here. Who gave him permission to move away anyway? He did the other one so effortlessly and it somehow was a big headache for me! Just please don’t ask me to help you build a website because I am still not completely sure about the whole process.

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