Christmas Trees

Our Christmas Tree Season is OVER AND WE ARE NOW CLOSED for the 2016 season. Thank you for your support!

Yay! It’s that exciting time of year again and for many families that means time to cut a tree and bring the smell of Christmas into your home. Hanging favorite ornaments and celebrating with your own special traditions. We are so glad to be a part of that and the memories that you are making! We care for our trees year-round to insure that they are ready for you in time for the Christmas season.
Our operating hours are from 10AM to dark Mon-Saturday and 12PM to dark on Sunday. During the week, it is sometimes a help yourself situation, but on the weekends, we have a fire going, hot chocolate, candy canes, baling and extra help available. We also have wreaths, garland, dried fruit, ornaments, etc. for sale as well. There is also the antique red sleigh that our Great Grandpa Janzen used to drive around this area with his horses that you can take family photos on! IMG_0045 Hope to see you soon. Thank you!

We offer three different varieties to choose from: Noble fir, Nordmann fir, and Douglas fir, we often have Grands and other varieties available as well.
Noble Fir
The Noble Fir trees are the most popular among our customers because of their strong branches and ability to stay alive for a long time. And if you like the more natural layered Noble, we have a field of them for $15 any size.
Price: Between $15-$50, depending on the size.

Nordmann Fir
Our Nordmann Fir Christmas trees have become very popular over the last few years. They hardly lose any needles and are a strong variety as well. They are also not as potent as our other trees, which make them ideal for citizens with allergies to Christmas trees.
Prices are similar to the Nobles.

Douglas Fir
Douglas Fir are noted for their dense full bushy shape and fine soft green needles. They have a distinctive pine-like scent, and that fragrance seems to last through the entire Christmas season. With a classic uniform Christmas tree shape that is easily decorated.
Prices on Douglas are usually between $20-$35.

If you have any question or concerns about any of our products, please feel free to email us.