Traeger Rental

This commercial Traeger can cook a lot at once; saving you time and effort. Just load the pellets, plug it in, put your meat on the grills and open it up 1-2 hours later, depending on what you are cooking. Will cook 224 chicken quarters all at once. Check out Traeger’s website for a description of this grill. The one we have is not this newer model pictured here, but is similar.

You can also find tips, recipes, etc. on their site.

When our son wanted the one big expense of his wedding to be Traegered chicken, we bought this commercial smoker/grill. If you’ve ever tasted anything cooked on a Traeger, you will know why. It is delicious and tender and juicy and cooked to melt-in-your-mouth perfection. So we decided to rent out our prized possession so you too can add Traegered meat to your big event. Whether it is a wedding, reunion, business meeting, advertising event, fair, church picnic, company picnic, this will be a wonderful addition and will make your event extra special!

Click here to download our Rental Form for more details:
Traeger Grill Rental

$100.00 per day. You need a pickup or van with a trailer hitch and a 2″ ball to haul it. You must also supply the pellets you will be using and the electricity or generator to power it.

Fax the form to 503.835.8019 Thank you!!